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With Eich in place, Mozilla can't help but stink of Prop 8.

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With his support, a civil right was removed from a minority. Does he not get how odious, mean and stupid that was? I'm dumping Firefox for Chrome. Goodbye.

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Hi James, Mozilla is a global community of paid and unpaid contributors supporting the open web with a diversity of views and opinions. Hopefully you reconsider your generalization that our community "stinks" of anything.

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Both Mitchell and Brendan have both posted on the position of diversity in the workplace today.

and you can find more information on Participation in diversity here:

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A note that he was not forced to step down by the board as it was his choice in doing so to help Mozilla.

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Discussion about Brendan Eich, who recently resigned as Mozilla CEO, is actually off-topic for the Mozilla support forum. See Forum rules and guidelines:

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The mozilla.governance forum would be a better place for any further discussion about this topic. The Google Groups link is!forum/mozilla.governance