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Firefox28 started to support Trusteer - latest Firefox update doesn't - why?

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I made contact with HSBC about Firefox28 inability to support Trusteer and asked them to question you about why this was the case. Obviously something was done as last week F28 started to support Trusteer. F29 has gone backwards again. Trusteer is to protect banking arrangements - vital in this day and age - why is it not automatically catered for on each update?

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Firefox 29 just moved to the Beta phase this past Tuesday.

Simple answer is - don't use pre-release versions when you have plugins that are made to work with release versions.

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After spending 47 years specifying and installing systems one thing you have to accept is that when you find an application works with a release version it should be compatible with the beta version of the next release to ensure that it progresses smoothly to full roll-out.

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The issue is that plugins with binary code need to be made specifically for each version of Firefox. No one is stopping Trusteer from working one version ahead of the release version; IOW they could build ahead to cover the Beta version, which would then cover that version when it was released. The downside is that if Mozilla would change something in the Beta version, Trusteer might have to re-do their plugin for the release version. Most security plugins for Firefox aren't updated until just before release, or after release, to avoid re-doing their product I imagine.