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Why is Firefox becoming such a ..... piece of ..... ?

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I remember a time when Firefox was an awesome browser. Then some ....... thought it would be a good idea to rip all good features out of it and replace them with ..... nonfunctional, unintuitive, user-unfriendly bull.

Where is my "browse by name"? Where is my statusbar? Why can't I see where a link directs to when I hover over it? Why do you insist on having tabs on top? Why can't I have a menubar? Why do I have to use some built-in media player? Why can't I turn off javascript? When I begin typing an url, but mistype the first letter, why do I have to hit backspace twice? One awesome add-on was Download Statusbar. Why doesn't it work anymore? Why do I have to use some ..... download arrow? Why do my navigation buttons have to be scattered all over the ........ place? Why isn't my search-for-text window-wide, but do I have to type the same query on every ....... tab? Why is the default theme so ..... ugly?

I could go on and on, but these are just some issues off the top of my head (in fact, I'm surprised myself how many issues I could easily come up with).

I have to install addons, special themes, userscripts, change hidden about:config settings and God knows what other hacks to counter the stupid changes. Each release I have to go to greater lengths to keep Firefox the way I want it, until finally it's ...... .. beyond repair.

I get that you want to be "hip" and "cool" and "fresh" like Chrome, but that's not what I want. Chrome sucks monkey balls. If that's what I wanted, I would have switched to Chrome years ago. Firefox used to be awesome because I could use it the way I wanted.

I have seen loads of threads requesting to bring back features we all loved and used.

Mozilla, please get your (act) together and restore Firefox to it's former glory, or I'm afraid you're going to lose a lot of your users.

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And why can a YouTube video capture my keyboard input, but won't it release it? Ever? Every ..... key I press is captured by the player. For example, when I click outside player, and press spacebar, I want the page to scroll down, not to pause/play the video. I can no longer search on the page, nothing.

I'm sure it has something to do with how crappy Flash is, but then why does it work as it's supposed to in Opera?

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hello rahilk666, regarding your question about youtube, this may be an issue with the protected mode in the flash plugin that adobe has introduced for firefox only - you could try if disabling protected mode makes a difference.

i'll take your original post just as a general urge to complain about the changes. please note that this support forum is run predominantly by users just like you who are volunteering their time. we are neither responsible for a redesign nor can we take any actions to revert/adjust that. such general feedback is better placed at https://input.mozilla.org/feedback, where it will reach firefox developers directly.

in case you have individual problems to troubleshoot, you can of course post them here, but please do so in a civilized manner.

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The new Australis UI has been on the unstable Nightly development channel since November 18 build and is a work in progress. People using the Release and also the Beta and Aurora channel builds will not see this Australis for a while still.

Are you using the Win64 Nightly builds (where Fx 28.0a1 is in early alpha development) because you believe that is the only way or best way to use Firefox on 64-bit Windows?

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Note that when a plugin (media player) has focus then it will consume all key presses and you can only use the mouse to move the focus out of the plugin.

  • Bug 93149 - No way to move focus between plugin and browser from keyboard

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