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download firefox 26 offline? ( was fx25 )

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is the latest version of firefox 25 is available for downloading and installing offline like the old versions?

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Hello, full installer : http://www.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/all/

thank you

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I believe this is FF 26 in 70 languages - we wanted FF 25. Tons of ppl are like me: FF CONSTANTLY crashes, so much is in not functional - I have spent HOURS reading every thread on here. I am going back to 25 - if that crashes - i am DONE with FF!!! This has me so PISSSSSSSSED I cannot see straight!!!

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See now

  • FF 26/27/Aurora NONSTOP crashing - Tried every thread! Chrome time??

Hi pashadad,
Sorry you are having problems with your install of Firerfox.

No need to read every thread on here!

Just start your own thread by asking you own question.
Installing an outdated insecure and unsupported version of Firefox is unlikely to solve your problem.
It is likely to put your personal data and and System at increased risk.

Please try to follow the prompts and include troubleshooting information when you post (there is a green button that automates that ).

Firefox should not have been crashing Maybe it helps if you read

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This thread was started in October with the title

  • download firefox 25 offline?

At that time Firefox 25 would have been the Release Version. Te current version is firefox 26. I will amend the title to

  • download firefox 26 offline?
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[content and link(s) removed by Moderator]
Please only post links to the official Mozilla server.

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you can get the all the latest *Latest Mozilla offline installers* from here , it is the big offline installers repository

moderator removed the hyperlink to an un-authorized source - no reason to recommend anywhere but an official Mozilla source for Firefox

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UPDATE Guess it was just yet another lag in the system. Or maybe a caching issue my end even.

Who removed the link ?

That information is normally automatically displayed. Possible Kitsune issue ?

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