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Firefox Keeps Crashing

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When I'm playing http://play.binweevils.com/game.php?cluster=uk, it just keeps freezing then it crashes. What do I do?

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Or you can reset the page file you just changed after this.

  1. Quit all applications.
  2. Choose Start > Control Panel.
  3. Click System and Security (Windows 7), or System and Maintenance (Windows Vista), and then click System.
  4. In the Computer Name, Domain, and Workgroup Setting section, click Change Settings.
  5. Click the Advanced tab, and then click Settings in the Performance area.
  6. Click the Advanced tab, and then click Change in the Virtual Memory area.
  7. Select the Automatically Manage Paging File Size for All Drives option.
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I have the same problem with FF crashing bp-7b62ef98-1056-41df-b6e7-0724a21308088/8/20132:31 PMbp-ac6b81e9-b090-48fa-b945-2614721308088/8/20131:07 PMbp-ce56d6b0-3e23-4805-81e9-cbcc221308088/8/201310:53 AMbp-2eaa697c-ac9b-480c-bfab-6a27321308088/8/201310:45 AMbp-708776f4-45f4-46ba-9f30-65cf12130808

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Seems like your AMD Raedon 6310 is causing FIrefox to crash, there are 2 bugs being fixed for that sharon, have you disabled hardware acceleration in firefox?

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Dear Waka, I started Firefox in safe mode, (so no hardware acceleration) and it still crashed. the other link you listed, bugzilla, I really didn't understand what I could do with that. Not sure what my AMD radeon is...... and if it is causing the problem, how to fix it. Any other ideas?

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The Radeon is the graphics card installed on your computer (motherboard) is causing problems. Does windows safe mode with networking work?

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Hi Waka, The FF version that kept crashing was vs 23.0. I finally re-installed an older version 17.0 over vs 23.0 No crashes since. I still have no idea why the newer version was crashing. Thanks for trying to help. Sharon

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Sharon, Please don't use older versions of Firefox, they leave you vulnerable to security issues. If you'd like to start a new thread by following the steps at https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/questions/new I'd love to help you with this crash.

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Thanks Tyler, but since FF is working fine now, I think I'll leave well enough alone. Hopefully my anti-virus program will keep any virus away.


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