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How do I tap what is sent from Firefox when I press Refresh and then Resend the info, in order to recover lost text in a forum message?

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Here's my problem

I wrote a text message in a forum site and pressed send. Then a new page is loaded saying there was an error and I should press the back button to reload the previous window.

I know from experience if I do this I will loose all the info I just wrote. However, if I reload the curent page, the info is sent again as I get a question asking if I want to resend the info. Unfortunately the problem then reoccur.

What I would like to do is to catch the info that is resent, i.e. my written text, so I can start all over and reuse it. The info is somewhere there inside the firefox cache, history or whatever.

How can I extract it?

Firefox version 19.0.2 on windows 7

Any help is highly appreciated!

Thank you, Thomas

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Textarea Cache extension is what I use.


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Sometimes, such issues are caused by the servers for the forum to which you are posting.

I learned quite some time ago that when posting a long or complicated question or answer to a fourm to do the following:

  1. while on the "compose" screen before hitting send or post, highlight the entire text, right-click and choose Copy to put the text on your clipboard (you can then paste to Notepad if your prefer),
  2. if the page fails to send your post, after returning to the now blank "compose" area, you can right-click in the "compose" area and choose Paste from the clipboard (or copy the text from Notepad and paste into that page).

Just a suggestion for you. Works for me.

Other - Check your Plugins and update as needed.

  1. Check your Plugins - https://www.mozilla.org/en-US/plugincheck/
  2. Adobe PDF Plug-In For Firefox and Netscape 11.0.0
  3. Adobe Shockwave for Director Netscape plug-in, version (not the same as Adobe Flash/Shockwave Flash/Flash)

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Thank you for the info! Textarea cache will be installed next time firefox is restarted :)

I do use Ctrl+A Ctrl+C whenever I remember, unfortunately I don't always remember... ;)

However, I am still in the need of recovering the text that I lost a little while ago, that is in there somewhere, any further ideas on that?


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AFAIK, Firefox doesn't cache textarea content in a manner where the user can easily recover it. Unfortunately using the "back button" was the wrong thing to do, you probably would have seen the content of that textarea if you had "gone back" to that page by using the "Go Back" menu with a right-click on the "Back" button rather than using the button itself.

The way I learned to handle a situation like that was to use a text editor (like Notepad) for creating long postings, and not even bother with textarea boxes.

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So if I right click the back-button, and select the page where I wrote the message (the first one in the list) it would make a difference compared to just left-klicking the back-button?

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Many times it does make a difference, most noticeable is the lack of a message regarding the "resending of data".

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I did try it but it didn't make a difference in my case. When I went back the text was still lost in the text area, and then when I went forward I did again get the question about resending the data, and then the error message.

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Found a program named Fiddler2 that captured the network traffic on my computer in a nice way. Reloading the page and resending the data popped it up in fiddler, and using the built in textwizard function brought me the text back exactly like I wrote it, with swedish special characters and all.

Fiddler2, what a great program! :) :) :)

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Having installed TextArea Cache, a new error occurs. Whenever I open a new tab, it opens up in a new window. In the second window, it works to open new tabs, and if I continue to open new tabs in the first window, they keep popping up in the second.

If I disable Textarea Cache, the problem disappear.

I am now running Firefox 20.0 as it updated itself, apparently.

Any suggestions on how I can correct this behaviour?

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You will have to contact the developer of the extension if this extension isn't working properly.

See also:

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Ok, will do.

Form recovery looks like a really good add-on as well, thanks for the tip!