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How to Start Up Firefox 14.01 in Safemode,with all Add ons Disabled, so do not have to restart?

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Using Dell PC/Windows XP. I like how Firefox runs in safemode not so bloated as usual. I would like to be able to start up Firefox in Safemode, without having to always restart Firefox to get it in safe mode. Anyway to do this? Many Thanks!!!

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Ok. thanks guys created and a new profile and restarted, and all kind of memory freed up, but of course Firefox is practically Bare, so that is expected. Checked the plugins and extensions, no major problems found there I could see. I have approx a little over a Gig Of RAM installed, do not think I can add too much more on my older 2005 Dell PC. So I will just run Firefox in Safemode when Memory starts to get tight. Thanks again guys for all the good info!!!

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yeh cor-el is right "you can only run Firefox in Safe mode if Firefox isn't running yet, so you can check in the Task Manager to make sure that all Firefox processes are ended" (Its help me because i opened a browser and want to open a new window want to be a safe mode but its not happen, this one help me and i close all of windows opened on firefox then i run it in safe mode its done .

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