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Is there a stability issue in 14.0.1?

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Gave in to the "nag" screen earlier this evening and "upgraded" to Firefox 14.0.1 from 13.0.1

And since then I've had multiple "not responding" problems. Just hangs, repeatedly. Whether I'm doing anything or not. On a variety of websites - planet-f1.com, bbc.co.uk, youtube (seems worst on youtube), facebook... pretty much anything I do. It's even hung on this page once. All I get is the "circle of doom", the "not responding" top of screen, and eventually the "whitewash of death" look.

I've disabled all my add-ons (not that I had many, mainly just adblock and flash) but no avail. Cleared cache and cookies.

Seriously tempted to go back to 13! Any other ideas?

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i got same things as calkenneth, but i can add that i'm using x64 win7 and flash x64 too, also i've mentioned while trying to close ffox that close button is blinking pretty fast as if i was trying to close it, but it's not working.

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I completely uninstalled FireFox (incl preferences), erased all of the history, etc etc, and reinstalled it. I haven't had the problem crop up since. Right now I only have two extensions (Multiproxy and Tab Mix Plus) installed. So far so good. Let's hope it stays functional...

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i've disabled shockwave flash plugin 11.3.300 and it looks like works now. so should probably check the flash plugin 11 issue "but it's no good" (c) ...lil later yep i've followed https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/kb/flash-113-crashes and installed 11.1.102 flash and looks like flash works now, not sure of the ffox stability overall, still testing. ... 1 day after. it works for me. try to downgrade flash plugin.

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In Firefox 15 I see the same issues. (working on Window 7 64bit home premium, cpu Intel Core i7 3930K, 16gb ram and an ssd so hardware is no problem.

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14.0.1 is crap. I've never had so many problems with Firefox as I'm having now. Repeated hangs, and if I'm not careful it freezes one app after another until my computer is frozen so I have to turn it off by the power button. When a browser makes me have to power down - not restart but turn it off and back on - that is really bad, intolerable. And don't tell me it's the plug-ins - I've gone that route and I have only two anyway. It will freeze any time any place, no pattern except freezing.And I'm sure FF knows this, so where's the fix? Don't keep telling us to jump through these hoops - just fix it! Until then, I have to go back to Safari, much as I dislike it, because I make my living on my computer, where timing and speed are all-important, and if I have to stop everything, lose what I've done, and power down and up again, well, that's a huge FAIL!

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Many of these problems will be down to individual settups and either the additional software or the sites used.

Read any tips or advice above. If that does not help you please and you have your own specific problem post a new question giving full details.

You may also note that turning on the new "telemetry" monitoring feature provides developers anonymous information about real time use. See

My own Firefox installations certainly do not have problems with hanging and needing to power off the computer.

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I have the same problem on several Firefox 14.0.1 setups with latest version Flash Player. The Flash Player plugin just hangs when playing videos. Other browsers work fine.

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I posted this in separate thread, too: Today I bookmarked a page by mistake, and the little window that says Page Bookmarked, that has the url, is frozen. On top of 12 tabs. Will not turn off, cancel, just frozen. So annoying.

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I have the same problem on several Firefox 14.0.1 setups with latest version Flash Player. The Flash Player plugin just hangs when playing videos. Other browsers work fine. 

Try Flash 11.2 or 10.2. If you need details of how to do that or it does not help either

  1. read threads about Flash 11.3 issues and problems,
  2. start your own thread by asking your own question using /questions/new
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Sorry you are having problems.

I do not see another post from you Today. There is sometimes a lag before posts are found, but it is unimportant. You probably will not get a solution by posting in other peoples threads. PLEASE START YOUR OWN QUESTION, then answer the questions that are asked by those trying to help.
(i f you like; post back in this thread again immediately after you ask a new question, others may be interested in the results)

Threads like this one rarely get good answers,

  • the title is too general (so it tends to be ignored by helpers)
  • other people post in it anyway (that just makes it hard to follow)


  • there are almost 1/2 Billion Firefox users so some users will see problems
  • there are some known issues, but many users do not give enough information to identify what your problem is.
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To define my problem more specifically and leave out the rant:

My computer:

  • OS X 10.6.8;
  • 4 GB memory;
  • Two add-ons enabled: Jave Applet Plug-in 13.8.0 and Shockwave Flash 11.3.300.268;
  • FF 14.0.1.
  • At this moment, FF is using 380 MB Real memory and 200 MB Virtual with 4 tabs.

The problem: FF freezes intermittently with no discernible pattern:

  • Many tabs/a few tabs/one tab, and I rarely have more than six tabs;
  • The site can be using Flash or not using Flash;
  • I never game or use graphics - basically, I read and write;
  • Web pages frequently don't load completely, but when I quit and restart FF, they load properly and everything's fine until the next freeze out of the blue;
  • When FF first freezes, I can sometimes force-quit IF I go directly to the Apple menu and don't stop on Finder. BUT if it freezes and I click on, say, my email window, Word window, or Finder, those apps will also freeze. When Finder freezes, that's when I have to use the power button to power down, then back up.
  • Sometimes Force Quit FF doesn't work, and I have to power down because every open app will freeze when I click on it.
  • This performance is new with 14.0.1 - didn't have it with previous versions, though sometimes it lagged.
  • It's intermittent but frequent, at least daily.
  • I've tried all the fixes I've seen, including disabling/updating add-ons, to no avail.

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Sorry these are more hoops !
but may I suggest you post your own question and as tests

  1. use a new clean profile.
  2. if the problem persists then consider
    • risking use of the previous Firefox 13
    • temporarily using the unsupported but secure ESR

Unfortunately with anything whether mechanical, computing or whatever it is the intermittent problems that are the hardest to solve, often because some variable is not being controlled or monitored.

As over simple examples

  • is it a laptop that could overheat or have a battery voltage problem ?
  • is it a loose/faulty memory card resulting in disk paging & multiple other problems ?
  • is it a network problem ?

I am sure you will easily counter such suggestions, but it makes sense to do so in your own thread not someone else's.

Note also this thread was posted in relation to Widows 7 but you are using a Mac. Your own question would attract those knowing more about Macs.

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So here's my problem:

I have FF 14.0.1 on my laptop (Vista Home Premium Service Pack 1, AMD Turion(tm) X2 Dual-Core Mobile RM-72 2.10 GHz, 4GB RAM, 64-Bit OS). I open Firefox, Google is my homepage, works just fine. I can search for anything I want and the search page comes up just fine. The browser freezes on about 3/4 of the sites I visit. Just by reading some of the comments, I guess it has to do with Flash videos. I'm not too keen on the whole Plug-Ins aspect of the browser, and some people have also mentioned the Flash Plug-In. I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling the Plug-In, and Flash itself.

I also seem to be having a problem running any .exe that I've downloaded. I try to run it from the 'Downloads' window and from the folder on my computer it downloads to. Occasionally (as it did with Flash) the .exe file will sit there and wait for around 20 or 30 minutes before it finally opens up. I didn't imagine that once the file is downloaded and I'm not trying to open it in Firefox that the FF issues wouldn't be a factor.

One of the reasons I'm scratching my head over this issue is my wife's laptop (Windows 7 Home Premium, Intel(R) Core (TM) i3-2350M CPU @2.30 GHz 4GB RAM, 64-Bit OS) which also has Firefox 14.0.1 works just fine with no freezes, even on the sites that my computer freezes.

I'm totally against using any other browser, and I'm at the point where I'm about to save everything to an external and just wipe my computer and start fresh, just to see if that works. I really really really don't want to do that, but I'm thinking I might have picked up a virus somewhere...

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This is your question, but from your comment above it appears you have stopped using Firefox. If for any reason you would like to add more information to this thread please PM me; (You need to be registered and have to login to send a Private Message,) and I will unlock it or add the information.

Everyone else

Read this thread, but please start your own question using /questions/new if you have your own problems.
We try to keep questions to a single subject belonging to one person, this thread is getting long and drifting so I am going to lock it.

As I have asked others please start your own thread by asking a question. You may then wish to comment in this thread so that others know where to look, if so send me a Private Message & I will add a cross reference.
You are already saying the problem is seen on one machine but not another, so the fault is likely to be something with that particular setup, or as you said maybe malware.

I note you did start a new question /questions/933872

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