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I want to run the most secure and most stable version, not the latest

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I have several PCs and support many local business owners.

Neither I nor they need the latest gadgets and gizmos - what we all need is stability and security. I always keep all users on versions of code that have passed from bleeding-edge development into their support and maintenance phase.

I am wanting to download the latest release of version 4 (of Firefox) but missed it due to your rapid switch to v5.

I did several searches and could not find it on your site - can I suggest that it should be there to satisfy your supporters who moved from MS IE due to the dreadful security issues - esp. Active-X over your early-years.

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Mozilla doesn't do LTS. Currently Firefox 3.6.x is supported with security updates, 3.6.19 is the latest release (3.6.18 on Windows & Linux), with 3.6.20 coming soon. Firefox 4.0 isn't supported any longer, Firefox 5.0 was a security release for Firefox 4.

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Thanks for the rapid response - if I had found the information you have provided (v4 discontinued) I would have modified what I had asked for as below.

Where is the link to the latest releases of Firefox version 3 as that is obviously what I should be using. I always download software (inc. add-ons / extensions) rather than allow automatic update because I can then restore to a known secure and stable release when needed.

Last minor point - I just did a Google search for LTS (and software) as I had never come across the acronym in 35 years of software development - what does LTS expand into?

Again thanks for the help so far... BR.

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Long Term Support, a phrase used by Ubuntu.


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Thanks for the help and link... Now to find the same for Thunderbird... Cheers, BR.

I have added this as a reply as I am not sure if I get the opportunity to thank you if I just click on Solved...

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Sorry, I haven't used Thunderbird in over 7 years now, can't help you there.

Thunderbird support is over here.
or here:

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I have a brand new computer with an i7 processor. I went to download my new email in Thunderbird. I had 58 new messages. It took over 10 min. to download them.

What is going on? My old computer would download them in about a min. or less. Please help.

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