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Firefox is a sucking memory hog on my Macbook Pro running Lion...often grabs 500-900 mb of memory. Can't you do better?

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Firefox often grabs 500 - 800 mb of memory on my 2008 Macbook Pro running Lion with 4 mb of memory. Happened running Snow Leopard as well.

This is clearly a memory leak issue. When I close Firefox and restart, memory runs less than 100 mb.

This is unacceptable performance. A real disappointment.

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I am on a 6 month old Mac book Pro with 4 gigs of RAM running Snow Leopard and this has been a continuous problem for months. Now it seems to be worse with version 6. As the original poster said, when you start up Firefox, it consumes a reasonable amount of memory but the longer it is open, the worse it gets. I keep Activity Monitor open constantly to check and see when I am running out of memory and have to restart which is several times a day. I don't have those problems with Safari, but would rather use Firefox.

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@mrmcmanus Try the links suggested in my previous reply. Check and tell if its working.