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I just recently started having crashing problems with 5.0.1 also. It loads up my homepage and when I go to any other page, it then proceeds to crash and then pops up with the crash report. I've re-installed 5.0.1 and that didn't help. I've also tried re-starting my computer multiple times, that also didn't help. Can someone, anyone please help with this problem.

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Firefox Crashes


Check and tell if its working.

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This was the first place where I looked for an answer. Wouldn't be asking for help on support forum if I found a solution there.

Thanks anyway, maybe it will help someone.

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Did you try the suggestions in the link provided in my previous post ???

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This was the first place where I looked for an answer.


Am I not clear?

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-> Close Firefox (ALT + F -> Exit)

Start Firefox in Safe Mode by Holding down SHIFT key while Starting Firefox


As an alternative method, press Win + R key combination and enter one of the following in the Windows Run box:

    firefox -safe-mode
    "C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\firefox.exe" -safe-mode 

-> Firefox Safe Mode window will appear -> DON'T SELECT ANY OPTIONS, just click Continue in Safe Mode

Firefox will now open up with just basic Firefox. Now do this:

-> Update ALL your Firefox Plug-ins https://www.mozilla.com/en-US/plugincheck/

-> go to View Menu -> Toolbars -> unselect All Unwanted/Incompatible toolbars

-> go to Tools Menu -> Clear Recent History -> Time range to clear: select EVERYTHING -> click Details (small arrow) button -> place Checkmarks on Cookies, Cache -> click Clear Now

-> go to Tools Menu -> Options -> General -> When Firefox starts : select "Show My Home Page" -> click Reset to Default button -> place Checkmark on "Show the Downloads window when downloading a file" -> select Radio Button option2 "Always ask me where to save files"

-> go to Tools Menu -> Options -> Content -> place Checkmarks on:

1) Block Pop-up windows 2) Load images automatically 3) Enable JavaScript

-> go to Tools Menu -> Options -> Privacy -> History section -> Firefox will: select "Use Custom Settings for History" -> REMOVE Checkmark from "Permanent Private Browsing mode" -> place CHECKMARKS on:

1) Remember my Browsing History 2) Remember Download History 3) Remember Search History 4) Accept Cookies from sites -> select "Exceptions..." button -> Click "Remove All Sites" at the bottom of "Exception - Cookies" window

 4a) Accept Third-party Cookies -> under "Keep Until" select "They Expire"


-> When using the Location Bar, suggest: select "History and Bookmarks"

-> go to Tools Menu -> Options -> Security -> place Checkmarks on:

1) Warn me when sites try to install add-ons 2) Block reported attack sites 3) Block reported web forgeries 4) Remember Passwords for sites

-> go to Tools Menu -> Options -> Advanced -> Network -> Offline Storage (Cache): click Clear Now button

-> Click OK on Options window

-> click the Favicon on SearchBar -> click Manage Search Engines -> select all Unwanted Search Engines and click Remove -> click OK

-> go to Tools Menu -> Add-ons -> Extensions section -> REMOVE All Unwanted/Suspicious/Incompatible Extensions (Add-ons) -> Restart Firefox

-> go to Tools Menu -> Add-ons -> Appearance section -> REMOVE All Incompatible/Unwanted/Suspicious Themes (Persona) -> Restart Firefox

You can enable your Known & Trustworthy Add-ons and Themes later. Check and tell if its working.

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Please do the following.

  1. In the location bar, type: about:crashes and hit Enter.

  2. In the next menu, you'll see a number of links which are comprised of random characters.

  3. Right click each of the top three individually and choose "Copy Link Location".

  4. Post the links here please by right clicking and choose "Paste" from the menu, or hit CTRL+V.