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The Activity Manager took away/erased 96 e-mils when I started the computer and then opened the program . Can they be retrieved ?

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I have no other info than what is contained in the question . It did this once and only once . All the e-mails started to list on the screen , then they were gone . Subsequently , it loaded 5 new ones . In the process of trying to find out where they went I was going through the "tools" section . When I looked under "Activity Manager" there was a line that said it had removed 96 e-mails .

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Contact your e-mail provider (Gmail, live mail, yahoo, aol, comcast, at&t, etc.).

All Firefox does is load their pages, execute the commands from the buttons and options on their page, etc.

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I am afraid I do not understand what you are saying . The "Activity Manager " is a Thunderbird function . It exists in the "Tools" category of the Firefox task bar . For instance , there is no such thing in the "Tools" category in Outlook Express .

I have learned one thing though . The last time the computer was on before this happened Thunderbird upgraded to the latest version when we went to close out of the the e-mail . It went through the steps , it asked for no changes and we did no changes . it finished fine with no apparent issues . The next time that Thunderbird was opened this problem occurred . We have opened and closed the program 3 times since then without a re-occurrence

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Why are you posting in Firefox Support if you are seeking Thunderbird Support?

Thunderbird Support:

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3 reasons 2 of which are me just being dumb . #1 was that this is where Mozilla sent me . #2 I assumed this was correct because I assumed Thunderbird was some sort of sub-set of Firefox and/or there was a single help source . Note the use of the word "assume" . We all know the old joke about that . #3 this is the first problem I have ever had and I was wandering blind .

I do appreciate your taking the time to try to help and to set me straight . I did find Thunderbird support last night and repeated the question there . Interestingly , I have received no response from the proper locale ....

Thanks, Durf

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