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Firefox 4 installed (Swedish version) but very unsatisfactory. Wish to return to the much better 3.6. How?

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Initial problems installing F 4. It didn´t "take" in spite of repeated pop-up reminders and repeated attempts. Finally installed but what a disappointment at least with the Swedish version. Have trouble closing programmes, am repeatedly disconnected from the internet, cannot return to the Firefox homepage for a renewed search, don´t get the lock ikon for supposedly secure addresses such as my bank. am unable to limit my searches to only Swedish sites. The 3.6 version was much better and at least as fast. I want a Firefox version that works and is secure. Tell me what to do.

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In Firefox 4 you no longer have the Status bar that showed the padlock in previous Firefox versions.
The padlock only shows that there is a secure connection and doesn't guarantee that you are connected to the right server.
So you might still be connected to the wrong server if you make a typo in the URL and someone has claimed that mistyped URL.
The functionality of the padlock has been replaced by the How do I tell if my connection to a website is secure? on the left end of the location bar.

See also:

You can use this extension to get a padlock on the location bar.

Firefox 4 uses a new build-in home page named about:home with a Google search bar on it.
That about:home page only shows some snippets and has a button to restore the previous session if applicable.

You can set another page as the home page like www.google.se or www.google.se/firefox as used in Firefox 3 versions.

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Cor-el! Thank you for your reply. I´ll do my best to follow your advice.