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How do I scroll an internal window without scrolling the entire webpage?

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So I uploaded the update for firefox, and, among other issues (this update is not better), I found that I had two really big issues: one, the entire point of the Mac trackpad wasn't working, (I fixed that with an add-on), and two: I can't scroll down in an internal window without scrolling down the rest of the webpage as well. To provide an example, there's a website called scribd where you can read ebooks, and if you don't want to download them you can read them in a window within the webpage. Except you can no longer scroll down through the pages of the ebooks without scrolling down the entire webpage to the point where you can't see the e-book anyway. Not helpful. I looked for an add-on to fix this, too, since I fixed the other one with an add on, but I can't find any. How can I fix it so that I can scroll down an internal window without scrolling past the internal window?