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Firefox 4.0 hangs on most mouse clicks

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I just upgraded to Firefox 4.0 on Friday - 2 days ago. My machine has intel processors, running Windows XP. After almost every mouse click, the browser hangs, and the title bar says "Window title (not responding)," where "Window title" is the actual window title. After waiting a minute or so, the windows repaint and clicks are again accepted. But, again, another click, or sliding a scrollbar will cause the same hang (and same wait) to happen again. Typing text seems to work OK, though. Youtube videos also don't work. The controls below the videos are missing.

Processor use and network traffic are both at or near zero during the hangs.

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The page loads for most sites quickly but (not really). If I click on ANYTHING or roll the mouse wheel, the page locks up. Almost any site I use I must wait 30 - 45 seconds for the page to (REALLY) load.

PDF files will not open (they may not even D/L) I got tired of waiting.. I'm going back to Ver. 3.. This seems to happen with each new release. I'll wait until 4.05 or so..

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Version 4.0 is not what ""Firefox"" wrote about it. However it is free-ware.... I went back to version 3.6.4