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hp smart web printing does not work on firefox. HP says this is not their problem and to contact Mozilla. Is there a plug in available?

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I just bought a new hp printer. the software has a feature called HP web smart printing. The feature works on explorer but not on Firefox. HP says this is not their problem and suggested I contact Mozilla. Is an add on available and if not will one be made available.

I am using v. 3.6.13. and the printer is HP Officejet 4500.

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HP smart web printing is an application that only works with IE. In spite of what HP have told you, if they want their application to work with Firefox they will need to make a version for Firefox. It is not down to Mozilla to make a version of the HP software for Firefox.

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Thanks Tony. Gotta wonder what HP has in mind, if anything.

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HP did have a version of that Smart Web Printing application that worked with Firefox from time to time over the last 5 or 6 years, but it seemed like it would take them 4 to 6 months after Firefox released a new version for them to update that application for each new version of Firefox. Users would update Firefox and then wait 4 - 6 months until HP got their act together, then have 3 to 6 months of being able to use SWP; then a new version of Firefox would come out & they had to wait on HP all over again. I used SWP back in 2005 -2006, but I got frustrated with their lackadaisical or half-arsed approach to supporting Firefox and quit using it after the 2nd gap in availability. They lost me as a customer for their printers as a result of that attitude toward not supporting Firefox properly.