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Why do I have to re-zoom (via ctrl +) after renavigating to every page (ie, clicking on various pages within Facebook site)

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I have Firefox 3.6.13 on a high-resolution (1920x1200) laptop screen. It used to be that I could CTRL+ and zoom in on a website such as Facebook.com or NYT.com once, and then every time I clicked on a page within that site, such as one individuals' Facebook profile or one NYT article, it would remember my zoom settings and allow me to read comfortably. However now, every time I click on a new page, it resets the zoom to the default, which is very small font. The default is way too small for my eyes. This is becoming a huge problem as every time I navigate to a new page, I have to squint to see what's there and resize/zoom. I have to do this thousands of times a day??

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If you need to increase (or decrease) the font size on websites then look at NoSquint or Default FullZoom Level.

If you need to increase or decrease the size of fonts and other elements in the user interface and web pages then increase the String pref layout.css.devPixelsPerPx from 1.0 to 2.0 in 0.1 steps to see what works best.

In current Firefox versions this pref is a String value parsed to a float and allows to fine tune the dimensions of all elements (user interface and web pages) more precisely.

See also http://kb.mozillazine.org/about%3Aconfig