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I have LINUX and I cannot seem to get the browser to download on the computer, I have extracted the files from the download & then all I get is a folder

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The browser I have for Linux is SeaMonkey or some other annoying thing and I wanted FF because it actually has compatible add-ons but I cannot seem to get the browser to actually run on the computer. I click the download button and get the files but once I extract them nothing happens. I extracted them to the desktop, perhaps there is somewhere else in this system that they need to go to make them work?

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try clicking on folder then opening ,

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I should have mentioned this earlier. When I click on the folder it just shows me even more folders, other files, and a readme file that simply says to come here for help, I can't seem to find something like an exe file.

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Linux doesn't use exe files. There is a script firefox to start the browser and some other scripts and libraries (.so) files. You can copy all files and folders from the firefox folder to a folder in your home directory (~) or create a folder in /local if you want more security.


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Ok...I should have also mentioned that I absolutely hate having Linux b/c I have no idea how to use it. If u could explain that in simpler terms I'd appreciate it.

Also, I was able to get the browser to open once but then when I dragged the icon from the folder on the desktop & tried opening it [I wanted to make it a sort of desktop icon] it stopped working...

EDIT: Ok so I re-extracted the downloaded file & clicked on the icon that said Firefox & I got the browser. My problem now it seems is the fact that I do not have a desktop shortcut, how would I go about making that happen?

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