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How do I use the Mail feature in Firefox - change the "From" address?

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I am new to using Firefox. I have been “testing” it as an alternative to using Internet Explorer. Used only as a browser, so far it appears to be a reasonable substitute.

However, I have a couple of questions: 1) It has been suggested by “outsiders” that “FF” has better ‘security’ than “IE”. I know that “IE” provides very timely automatic updates for viruses, etc. as they are identified and “fixed”. Can/does “FF” do the same?

2) However, the “Mail” function of “FF” is VERY UNSATISFACTORY!!! The default (and only?) email address used as the “From” address is the Internet site being browsed by “FF”. “IE” has the capability to use an alternative email address as the “From:” address.

Can “FF” do likewise? If so, HOW?? Can “FF” provide a “From:” entry-line on the mail screen, along with the “To:” and “Subject:” lines, to do that??

Please reply by email to Terry Mueller @ TDM_Biz@att.net!!! I regularly check my email; but my connection here is very sporadic.

I would like to consider using “FF” as a full-time substitute for “IE”; but the above “short-coming” will cause that to be, at best, delayed or completely forgotten!!!

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Firefox does not have a mail function, it is just a web browser. Any mail features accessed through Firefox will be part of a webmail service. If you are having problems with a webmail service you need to contact the support for the webmail service.

As for providing fixes for security issues, Mozilla have a very good track record for this and are much quicker than Microsoft who sometimes take many months to fix issues.