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Router access page constantly in address bar.

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I have FF set to delete all my info when i close it. passwords, forms, history the whole thing. but for some reason lately i have noticed that after i close it and then run it again and click the pull down for the address bar the link to access my routers web config page is always there. no matter how many times i try to delete it or clean my cache, history etc... it is always in the pull down. i find this odd and don't know how to stop doing this.

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Most likely explanation is that you have the router page bookmarked, which thanks to the Firefox awesomebar will also be relayed through your address bar.

I'd suggest checking your bookmarks, particularly by hitting "Bookmarks" and then "Organize Bookmarks" to check under "Unsorted Bookmarks" in the left hand pane.

Another way to check would be to see if that router page, when visited, has a gold star in the address bar. If that's the case then simply click the gold star and hit "Remove Bookmark".

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I note now that you seem to have the XMarks extension installed as well.

I can't provide specific advice for that, but if the earlier post isn't helpful, you may wish to check XMarks settings under Tools> Addons> Extensions.

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oh, gosh, thanks so much! that fixed the problem.