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After most recent update, Firefox keep hanging intermittently with "Not Responding".

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After the most recent update, my Firefox browser begins to hang intermittently with "Not Responding". I have checked the extensions and plug-in like Java, all of them are the latest updated ones. Everytime I open a new site or click on links to load another page, it happens. Every single time.

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Lori, go Chrome. I'm enjoying my time on the internet now.

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Found a solution that has worked for me (two hours and not a single hang) and also cured another problem!

Right click on the Firefox desktop icon....



Tick run this program in compatibility mode for: Windows Vista (SP2)...

Save.... and fingers crossed:-)


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come on firefox guys, fix it!

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This problem has been around since 3.6.3.

When I start it up for the first time of the day, it hangs. After forcibly shutting it down and restarting it, it doesn't hang again for the rest of the day.

This tells me that the problem is related to firefox losing the focus during startup and not being able to re-start for that lag.

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I have had the same problem since updating AND downloading the newest version a day ago. Now it effects even my Internet Browser. Takes forever. What is going on? Until two years ago I never had a problem with Firefox and now they have ruined it!!

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This worked for me: Install the firefox 4.0 beta, its working for me but some of my addons are disabled, the 3.6.6 is still instaled.

My laptop is using 3.6.6 without problems so far but my sister changed to IE in hers im wondering if RAM is involved somehow (my laptop is using win7 with 1GB of ram and my desktop with 4gb can use 3.6.6)

Luck with the beta :)

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Please, i have been having the same problem for a while now and can't take it anymore. What a waste of time. Are you guys even going to acknowledge the problem? Seems like you will lose many customers if you pretend there is nothing wrong. including me and my entire family.

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This pisses me off, mine was working just yesterday. Now I can't even access Microsoft site to download internet explorer. I used to love Mozilla used to work great but now it is terrible.

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What is the solution

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chrome is the solution :)

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BYE FIREFOX! thanks for ruining my favorite browser!!!!!!!!!!

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Last update, 3.6.8 seems to have resolved the hangup issue.

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dont think so. im using 3.6.9 and thats when the problem occured. think im going to switch to chrome now, but the thing about chrome is without all the add-ons i get on firefox.

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Firefox has been unstable since the 3 series came out a couple a years ago.Mozilla dont give a toss whether its unstable or not because the criticism comes only from a small minority of its customers and because its free.Some people point to Quick time as being the problem, some to the OS being used.No its because it was originally hashed together from Netscape and you can see this as the 2 series of FF is quite OK.The 3 series just eats up your processor and memory and i think that's the problem and the arrogance of the code jockeys who keep innovating instead of inventing.Just laziness really.Im dumping the piece of crap and going to Chrome.Fed up with waiting for back room boys to sort out the problem.F**k em !

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From few months ago, Firefox is sending an unnecessary updates (at least for me) frequently. After getting this updates we will get problems free of charge.

In an earlier update i couldn’t use Firefox to visited Facebook.

Now i am having a new one with Gmail. This is the message i get. Browser will never get back into working position after this. I am using the Firefox 4.0.1

" A script on this page may be busy, or it may have stopped responding. You can stop the script now, or you can continue to see if the script will complete.

Script: https://mail.google.com/mail/?ui=2&view=js&name=main,tlist&ver=TzWrcfWOfMA.en.&am=!Vc_JqYlUIXy7Qv3hwuA5ImCf3LLhBYIwAcpufTPzbG-zBNzNyVt3MBMibT4&fri:664

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I have been having the same issue for some time now. After looking at these post there doesn't seem to be a fix for this situation and my frustrations are mounting so it might be time for me to make the move back to IE although this is the reason I left IE several yrs ago..

I'm running Windows 7

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