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My Bank BPER and Banco Posta - The script locks the page - FF 94.0.1 - Win7 Sp1

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UPDATE ------ 24/11/2021 After exhausting setup tests, I was able to identify the problem that - unfortunately - blocked my FF installed on win7 Sp1, on the banks' sites. Initially I thought that the problem was due to the Banco Posta site, then I found the same problem also on BPER Banca, I realized that the problem was perhaps due to FF. I started my test, starting with a clean FF Portable, without any modifications or additional installations. With this version I verified that both banking sites were working correctly, and they did. All right. So I started to set and modify the parameters and the extensions and themi installations one at a time, with verification to follow, until the settings were changed. "Fonts and Colors> Advanced> Min. Font Size" I detected the page freezing. It seems that the problem is precisely in this setting which does not accept any imposition of minimum font size. It must remain set to "none". I haven't tried to change the version install on my OS. I only tested the Portable, but it should work.

For those who are visually impaired like me, the setting of that parameter is essential, because it allows you to precisely adapt the font size to your needs. In fact, the great advantage of FF is that it is very customizable and for this reason I continue to use it. For the moment I will use the portable version 91.0 that I have set, without any "minimum font size" for accessing banking sites.

In the hope of making my solution useful also for other visually impaired users, I greet you all with affection. Daniele


I recently opened an account with Banca BPER https://www.bper.it/, once I entered their site and visited two or three internal pages, the page freezes waiting for the execution of a script that does not complete the loading operation and a message appears from FF "this page is slowing down your browser. We recommend that you block it ....." as shown in the picture.


The problem occurs only with this site. My FF version 94.0.1 - My SO Win7 Sp1 I have tried the solution of booting in "troubleshoot mode", but it does not solve. The problem persists. I have enabled and disabled all the cookies but it doesn't fix. I used the Vivaldi browser for testing and the problem does not occur, navigation ok in all the pages of their site.

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