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android firefox unable to clear (close) firefox

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Firefox Daylight 88.1.2 (Build #2015806939)

After installing Firefox for Android on my OnePlus 6T and configuring FF would be closed in this manner. 1 More > Quit (which doesn't quit but does close all tabs) 2. Click the Android "Menu" icon (square) and then either

   a. Swipe the Firefox app up to close only Firefox
   b. Click Clear All to close all apps.

This worked fine until last week. Now, it doesn't close. (Note: Apparently FF was updated last week on 4/26/2021 so it may be an issue with the current build. Perhaps only effecting the OnePlus 6T.

Eventually FF will close but, the next time it is opened, it starts over.

What has been tried: Powering off and restarting the phone Restarting the phone Force Stopping Firefox Clearing the Firefox cache Delete Browsing Data (currently set to be deleted on quit but that does not work) A MalwareBytes scan found nothing. Nor has any malware ever been detected on any phone of mine. Searched release notes for known bugs (found zero entries) No option for FF Android on Bugzilla (FF iOS was checked but last entry was over three months ago)

Thanks in advance

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I am also using that build mine working fine though. There is no configuration required if you want to have quit button try Firefox NIghtly, Deleting browser data will start over again. Returning home and clearing all recent apps won't give me start over. Probably you might have checked delete browser data on Exit tap three dots -> settings -> Deleting Browser data on exit Turn it off

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Thanks for the response. Wrong issue. Plus, I want Browser data to be deleted. However, on the chance that would allow me to close Firefox, "Delete browsing data on quit" was disabled. Unfortunately, it didn't help.

The current Firefox version, on my OnePlus 6T, can only be minimized but not closed by any means. Normally by pressing "Clear All". All other apps can be closed and FF could be until after the last update. To test first close all applications except FF. Minimize the FF window.

Press the Android "Menu" icon (the square). Keep doing this until the FF window no longer appears when the "Menu" icon is pressed. For me, that is when the battery runs out.

Again, even powering off the phone and powering back on shows that FF is still running. (Note. By running, I mean the FF window opens up if the "Menu" icon is pressed.

I'm probably going to remove FF, reinstall, and reconfigure if there is no solution.

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This is currently being looked into. You can follow progress and add comments at:


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Seburo, Thanks.

I understand FF does not close when using "Quit". I believe it should but it is known that "Quit" currently only closes tabs.

After closing tabs FF should be able to be closed as all other apps are closed; by doing a "Clear All" from the Android screen (outside FF) or swiping up the FF window. Now, FF can only rarely be closed.

Even restarting the phone, doesn't close FF!

PS. I did read the linked threads. Again, thanks.

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