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Security popup?

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When trying to paste text in a message window this message pops up:

"Because of your browser security settings, the editor is not able to access your clipboard data directly. You are required to paste it again in this window."

I have no idea why and have looked all over the FF settings for something to change, but no luck.

I'm also suddenly having problems with TamperMonkey not running scripts even though it shows they are enabled.

I was able to past directly into the "Plugins" window below.

Win7 Pro, I'm the only user on PC.


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Hello, For the issue you mentioned, I have found this Add-on: AllowClipboard Helper

Please check and let me know if it helps or not.

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It did not work on the page I tried it on which is the message editor for Delphi Forums where I host a forum.

That seems to be the only place I get that "Security Browser" popup.

Interestingly enough the text I tried to past pasted into this window here when I clicked in it.

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