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[URGENT] Two-Factor issue and too long recovery key

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I have a following issue: I remember my account's password, but I had lost a two-factor auth code due a hardware crash and can't thereof login. I attempted to use a recovery code, but it's much longer then 10 characters (it has the length of 32 characters with does not work after entering into the code field). How can I access my account in this case?

I currently use Firefox 87

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The 32 character code if the recovery key that you can use to access the account when you forgot the password and would have to reset the password.

10 character recovery codes for 2FA are different and if you do not have these codes then you are out of luck and will have to create a new account with a different email address.

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Shame only that the support can't disable 2FA from their side. There should exist a way to turn off the 2FA by the support in case the user know the password.

Since it's an not uncommon problem with an 2FA, it should become replaced with a (for example) e-mail confirmation by any access attempt with would allow to bypass the 2FA

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While i/we can understand your frustrations and disappointments, people do not understand why such systems are being put into place.

The digital world is evolving very fast, some would say too fast. But the criminals all over the world are hard at work trying to stay ahead of the game by outsmarting our systems and stealing away your life and livelihood.

I mean, how can we 100% know for sure that we are not helping Comrade McGiwer, instead of mcgiwer, ie the little old cat lady lives in a little old house but has a HUGE bank account?

Consider this a "lessons learned". I had learned this myself some years ago. So for the past many years i have been using an old password manager called KeePass.

i regularly keep it updated with new codes, info, security questions/answers, security phrases, etc... - everything except my names, ssn, dob, drivers lic, etc...

And i also export the data to encrypted files as back ups. Now that i think about it, i will upload a file to my cloud account.

hope this helps!  :-)

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