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Anyway to Restore session once tab has been closed?

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I did a restart and when I went to restore it was grayed out tried to restart again and previous session lost I had a lot of tabs. Anyway to find and restore? Thanks for any help


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are the urls recorded under Menu History?

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I mean all the history is still there but would be impossible to figure out what tabs I had opened had over a 100 opened. But no option to restore tabs all grayed out

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It's hard to know what may be causing the issue because people load up all kinds of extra software on their windows, like anti-virals and scanners for this and that, plus also add things to firefox.

however, it is not to say that maybe FF doesnt have a bug as well, or the method for FF to save your sessions is not functioning or your FF profile folder is not accesiable.

I suppose the first step is to invoke FF in safe mode. Then use it for a while and see if it records/restores your session.

Go to FF Menu > Help > Troubleshoot mode

Nextly, if the above didnt help, then maybe toggling the profiles from the current one you have to a blank one might prove helpful. While under a clean/blank profile, see if it will preserve/restore a session.

If it does not, then this is a clue. But if it does, then this is another clue.

To switch back and forth profiles, launch the FF profile manager via Windows Run (or search) > FireFox.exe -p

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