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I'm concerned about Firfox sharing my personal data with Google Chrome. Is it possible that you DO NOT SHARE USER DATA WITH THEM?

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I'm asking if it's possible for Firefox to Not Share USER Personal Data with Google Chrome. I have set all my preferences in Firefox browser to not share, be secure, use private browser, etc. to a the extent possible based on settings. I don't have "location services" turned on on my Mac or Ipad mini and yet some things open up and they know where I am. I feel like I've lost any ability to maintain privacy and that I feel I cannot control it as even setting up settings, I'm aware that some coding only gives impression your safe but in fact YOU ARE NOT!! I am security conceous to a fault and yet I don't feel safe on either device. Can Mozilla/Firefox stop sending user data to Google Chrome to help with keeping privacy user personal data. I saw an article recently that says they are testing .05 of their users to in effect "from MY PERSONAL OPINION" they are stealing this data for them to use WITHOUT MY PERMISSION. Government protections are not kept up to speed and using a computer these days seems to insist that I give up my personal rights to MY DATA. It's ALWAYS MY DATA and not theirs... Using a "any service" does not make it your data but they do have a responsibility to keep it safe and it should not be shared out side MY express consent. It seems we are losing that ability more and more. So I'm asking if Mozilla can stop sharing USER PERSONAL DATA with Google Chrome?

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I believe that FF is not for-profit application

If i am not mistaken, Mozilla is funded by the Ford Foundation.

So while I am not 100% positive, it stands to reason why FF is a highly aggressive browser with lots of security features that the other browsers of for-profit companies do not have

But i could be mistaken.

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