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customize tab title background appearance

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I'm currently on firefox developer edition with the system theme. I've just now upgraded to latest version (v. 89.0b3 64 bit).

Everything is fine except the tab title of the current tab. The color is right but the shape is wrong. It should be rectangular but instead all four corners are rounded. Moreover, it's not connected to the rest of the page so there is a gap between the background color of the current tab (grey) and the background color of the page (black) making the whole thing look like it's floating around the browser space (see attached screenshot).

I've also noted that the top bar, the ones containing the title tabs and the main icons (close, enlarge, minimize) has become huge!

So my questions are:

- Is there a way to have rectangular tab titles again? If not possible through options, is there an add-on I can use? I search the add-ons page but the themes I found are for changing colors, they do nothing for the shape of the tabs. - How can I shrink the top bar?


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