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"Add Bookmark" has disappeared from Bookmarks menu - we all want to know how to get it back!

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I thought perhaps the cat had hit some keyboard shortcut (goodness it would be nice to be able to disable those!) and removed "Bookmark This Page" from the Bookmarks pull-down menu, but based on the number of people asking the same question, I now suspect that the latest Firefox update somehow removed it. I have seen MANY people asking about this, invariably answered with how to work around it being missing by using a tiny blob of an icon (which tiny meaningless blob among many, my not-so-young eyes are not certain - apparently it looks like a star). WE WANT IT BACK. Please put "Bookmark This Page" back where it belongs - in the pulldown menu called "Bookmarks". Or tell us how to put it there ourselves. Leave it in the teeny blob menu also if you like - maybe there's someone out there who actually likes it there. But please, for the love of usability, put that entry back on the list of things you can do from the Bookmarks pull-down menu! Not all of your users are 20-somethings with perfect eyesight!

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Is this different on Linux than on Windows? Here's what I see in Firefox 88. I don't know why the wording changed.

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  • 1695671 - Update strings for the global menubar

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