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Firefox is no longer a reliable browser. Sites that used to work no longer function.

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The problems I've had with Firefox keep growing. First it was PNC Bank, then Unite Airlines, and now Winter Park Resort. Operating in Safe Mode long term is not an option. After years of using Firefox as my default browser it is no longer worth the hassle. Moving to Safari. If you all ever fix these issues let me know, and I will return. Thank you for your time and attention, Andy

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hello andy,

so you do not experience issues while in safemode?

which safemode, FireFox or Windows?

also, you do know that safe "modes" create operating environments that are pure, per se

btw: have you thought about downgrading to an earlier version of FF that was functional for you?

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The sites seem to work in safe mode, FireFox safe mode on macOS, then they work once or twice when I switch back. I use an adblocker, which is disabled in Safe Mode. I have thought about downgrading, but prefer not to have to change versions when changes are made. As I said, when FireFox irons out these issues I will return, for now I am getting comfortable with Safari.

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i see. i dont use ad blocker add-ins.

if ads are disguising malware or invading our privacy the antivirals & anti trackers will handle them

thanks for the info !

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