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YouTube.com on Release 86 of Firefox/Win64 and newer is causing huge CPU spikes in the Firefox process handling the respective tab when navigating to a different page (in the same tab) on YouTube while a video plays

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You can work around the issue by stopping the video currently playing in the YouTube tab before navigating away from its page.

I suspected the usual problem of hardware acceleration / video drivers and Firefox not playing nice, but thanks to the PortableApps.com Firefox builds and their version archive, I was able to confirm that it only happens on Release 86 and newer.

Since it's reproducible with the PortableApps builds, settings/profile/cookies etc., it seems pretty clear it's an issue with Firefox proper.

I've downgraded my main Firefox installation to 85.0.2 for the time being and am enjoying snappy YouTube without hangs again.

Anybody happen to know if that bug is already known / under triage or should I get comfortable with the idea of having to downgrade to and using Firefox ESR for a while?

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Update: Might be specific to Windows 8.1

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