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Dropdown lists in webpages are limited to around 20 lines...please help.

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I recently migrated from Chrome to Firefox as my preferred browser and have generally been very satisfied. There is one issue, however, that is driving me crazy and has forced me away from the Firefox browser multiple times to find a solution. It is this: When I occasionally perform searches on webpages that use dropdown menus, only the first 20 (or so) items in the list can be accessed. I can scroll, but the scrolling stops before reaching the bottom of the list. I've accessed these lists in other browsers and I know they are longer, but I cannot for the life of me figure out what is limiting these in Firefox. I am using an iMac Pro running the Catalina OS and Firefox version 86. Any help at all would be very appreciated! I've attached three images from the same webpage and dropdown menu. Two are using Firefox (the second is after I've scrolled down), and the third is using Safari (which shows the complete list). I literally cannot scroll past the bottom of Image #2, even though in Image #3, you can see that there are 10 additional lines of options in the textbox.

Thanks, Jim Margetts

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