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Firefox color management on Mac seems broken, renders all color over saturate.

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My Firefox version is 86.0 on Mac. OS Version is 11.2.2 Big Sur.

I found that basically all color rendered in Firefox is more vibrant than Safari and Chrome, maybe Firefox doesn't handles color management right and renders sRGB in full P3 color space, lead to a over saturate color for almost every element on webpage.

Hopes firefox can fix this soon, I love the efficiency and privacy features on Firefox, This is the only bit I found a little uncomfortable.

You can test your browser here: https://cameratico.com/tools/web-browser-color-management-test/ if you have a P3 support Mac or Windows.

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Hi, I'm the author of the test linked above.

Firefox actually fully supports color management, but not by default for all page elements. You have to explicitly set a few config tags in order to enable color management for untagged images and page elements, otherwise those will be rendered on the full monitor gamut, leading to oversaturated colors.

Type in about:config on your Firefox address bar and use the filter field to search for color_management.

Set: gfx.color_management.mode 1 gfx.color_management.enablev4 true

You can find a screenshot and more detailed instructions here.

Mozilla should enable color management fully by default. Wide gamut monitors are becoming more and more common nowadays and those users are not getting the best experience possible from Firefox.

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