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My Older Account _ _ And ...

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I am afraid that I am very confused about the changes to this site. Are the FAQs the only way to learn about the changes, or is there some documentation I am not presently seeing?

In addition, what happened to my older account on this site?

And where exactly are all the other posts, like I would expect to be seeing as if it were a regular forum platform?

Maybe I am more than confused. Maybe I am completely lost. Yes, my own stupidity might be a major factor for this confusion I am guilty of!

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It might be a good idea for me to explain a little more clearly that before I finally figured out how to post here I did read this page:


But that was not so helpful on the issue of how to navigate around.

You see, folks, I have this very strange belief that the Internet should not be some strange land where Net Citizens are lost and can't figure out how to do this or that.

I come here after a couple of years and I am completely lost and there isn't any really clear page of explanations of what the heck is going on.

I did copy the long list of all the URLs that were in my history folder so that I can better understand why I was so lost, but after a number of hours and some thought on the matter I have this strange feeling that maybe the folks that are so professional at building these platforms have forgotten how easy it can be to get lost, and they have forgotten because they do not remember what being a rookie was like and so they can no longer identify with that group of Net Citizens that are true rookies --- the novice --- the ''What the heck is going on?" Net Citizen. And that is even more important as of late because the Net Citizen population must have increased due to the medical troubles on our planet.

Here is a thread I found just recently while studying: https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/questions/1203315

And I think I remember a comment by the OP that the platform was strange.

So that is why I am wondering about some sort of easy to understand guide explaining how to navigate around this platform.

And I am also wondering about the merging of the older account with what might be a newer one or whatever. I think I remember the FAQ had something about asking on that one, but I may not be remembering so well.

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Firstly, I apologize for asking about the previous account for "Confianza" as I finally found the time to go through my records and I see there was some error that management and I were working on back in 2018 that had been caused by my own error in setting up an account at 'Discourse' and I made some sort of mistake and we I had some sort of duplicate account trouble and possibly my hospitalization interrupted that work and management deleted at least one account and all the posts, which weren't too many.

Again, my apology. That enquiry is withdrawn.

Secondly, the question about some sort of instructions on how to use this new forum platform --- that I finally found time to do research on and the following are the results:

Publishing dates provided by using the search tag < &as_qdr=y15 > may be useful at a later date and will preface the research notes further down. (When you use the < &as_qdr=y15 > be careful if the spf tag is in the address. And note the need to use the < inurl: >.)

In chronological order:

inurl:https://www.mozilla.org/en-US/about/forums/ << published Aug. 14th, 2010 inurl:https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/get-involved << published Jan. 1st, 2012 inurl:https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/products/firefox << published Jan. 2nd, 2012 inurl:https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/ << redirects to the address shown just above inurl:https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/kb/navigate-support-forum-platform << published Jan 8, 2015

And that last line of the list above is the key to this entire project: Why is there no page of instructions as were published on January 8th, 2015 for Contributors --- Why no page of instructions for new Net Citizens to this platform?

How am I so sure there is no such set of instructions? Because of the research done and which I'll summarized below: (I don't post the screen grabs because they aren't needed. Just listed to show I did my research and have the results in my files. If you have doubts about my research please contact me and I'll send you the appropriate files.) Screen grabs are at 50%, so two for each page. (Timestamps are from the IE history record showing when I accessed the page.) https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/products/firefox<>2/25/2021 8:56:53 PM FF-Help-Forum_Studying01_210225b02_2.25 MB_Bitmap image FF-Help-Forum_Studying01_210225b03_2.25 MB_Bitmap image Next -- way down at the bottom the link titled "Explore Help Articles" is highlighted in this screen grab: FF-Help-Forum_Studying01_210225b04_2.25 MB_Bitmap image Landed here: https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/<>2/25/2021 8:58:20 PM FF-Help-Forum_Studying01_210225b05_2.25 MB_Bitmap image "Get Help" - "Pick your product" 14 in the screen grab above, and 2 showing in the screen grab listed below: FF-Help-Forum_Studying01_210225b06_2.25 MB_Bitmap image And below that 4 featured articles. Below those 4 featured articles is the "Join Our Community" and I clicked on "Learn More" https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/get-involved<>2/25/2021 8:59:18 PM FF-Help-Forum_Studying01_210225b07_2.25 MB_Bitmap image That image shows that "Save the world" set of words. FF-Help-Forum_Studying01_210225b08_2.25 MB_Bitmap image 'b08' is the bottom half of that page - - - As of now there is still no writing or words or link or anything that indicates how to use the forum. But let us continue: We go back to the top of that "Save the world" page and way up at the top we click on the link titled: "Get Help" and we see two categories: "Ask The Community" and to the right of that menu is the menu titled "Explore Our Articles" with a link down in the lower-right corner of that menu titled: "See All Articles" and this is shown here - - -FF-Help-Forum_Studying01_210225b09_2.25 MB_Bitmap image - - - and we are then sent here: https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/products<>2/25/2021 9:00:30 PM

And we have obviously shown that classic vocabulary so often used on the Net -- 'Loop' - - - We've just gone into a loop. FF-Help-Forum_Studying01_210225b09_2.25 MB_Bitmap image

And now at 2217hrs I am going to check one more time to see if I made a mistake about that 'loop' situation. I didn't --- It just happened again.

Unless I have made an awful mistake I can find no instruction page for how to use this new forum platform.

I also know this forum platform is new because I have a screen grab from a 2018 post I did that shows the previous forum platform and there is a difference.

May I close this post by offering the thought that if you are sincere about saving the world then you should begin by focusing on this Net World and the new Net Citizens that are from the planet's surface world where restrictions in their surface world have pushed them into this new ("new" to them) strange Net World and they need help here. They are new to this platform and have no clue how to navigate around here.

In 2015 you saw fit to offer help to your Contributors. It seems you should see fit to do the same now for the Net Citizen. And because of surface world events there are many new Net Citizens.

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No wonder my friend asked me for help. She is not computer savvy and came to me and now here I am and I have never seen such a deliberate maze on a site.

I can see why she is confused just trying to find the support group and then how to post. What a mess. Just finding the community here is confusing. A button to take you right here would have been a good idea, because newcomers would be beyond confused with the information overload that makes all look so complicated. If that is your idea of a simple users manual, it is not You wanted to simplify things, you didn't, just made it harder, even I was surprised by your idea of easy to navigate.

You have way too much information to sift through and no clear path to here. Reminds me of the Supertramp song - "take the long way home" You certainly created that and threw in confusion instead of making it easy for people to figure it out and find their way to here. Which is all they wanted, they didn't need the maze.

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Many people find what they are looking for in support articles. Others may need to ask a question. There used to be a link labeled "Ask a question" and now it says "Ask the Community" (under the "Get Help" menu heading).

After reading this thread, I don't know what the question is. Is there a Firefox question?

If the question is, "Can this site be improved?", then yes, it definitely can. However, there is a separate forum to discuss support site operations where contributors like you can post specific suggestions:


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Excuse me, jscher2000, but may I please take us out of this Net World for a moment and put us into the brick-and-mortar world so as to allow for some comparison of the norm in a commercial environment? Just because this is a Net Environment does not mean the Customers should be treated any differently than the accepted practices established over many years in the commercial world of doing business with customers.

And I am sure you'd rather use that standard Net Vocabulary and state that the humans that show up here are 'Users' and not 'Customers', but that is impolite and now there is a corporate presence and profit involved in the world of Mozilla, so maybe we'd better start being a little more polite to the Customers and refer to them as Customers.

Now, if I may, back to that brick-and-mortar world.

We go into a supermarket, or a hardware store, or furniture store, or any store of any rather large size and what do we see right away? Maps of the store and signs all over the place telling us what is in a particular aisle.

We do not ask the customers to go over to another room to find out what the layout of the store is. If we were to try to do that the Customer is going to turn right around and walk out the door. And they are very likely going to tell their friends and colleagues and others what happened.

So why are you, sir, indicating that if we have questions --- we, being Customers, not any sort of "Contributor" --- why are you stating we need to go "over to another room"? The questions the Customers have are about this room, if I may use that vocabulary "room".

And you made a specific reference to "Contributors" instead of even the common vocabulary "users". We are just regular folks here. We shouldn't be told we have to go to some special place to ask about things like how to navigate around this forum. This is part of Firefox. A very important part of Firefox. This could be the place where first impressions are made and if the first impression is that it is hard to get help, that is not very good for the corporate image.

Now, I am the OP, and I very clearly wrote that I was having a hard time navigating around this forum platform. Now we have two other customers that seem to be indicating that they also found things a tad difficult. I made mention of another customer in another thread that also had trouble.

Questions from a customer about how to use this forum platform are also questions about Firefox and do not belong in another room. The early, first few years of only open source and all-volunteeer are over --- over since the corporate entity was brought into the picture. This is a commercial operation, even here. People using even "free" products should be treated as customers.

And, to move on, just before doing this post I did a very specific repeat of how navigating this platform is done and I ran smack into a very clear problem and will post about that after I get the notes properly filed away and sort them out to figure out how to present that. This post got too long. Sorry about that.

But please, sir, do not be asking myself or any other customer to go to another room. That is not so polite. Thank you.

NOTE: Just in case there is doubt about a key point I made above, please see this, that I quote from Wikipedia; https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mozilla_Corporation

"The Mozilla Corporation, as a taxable organization (essentially, a commercial operation), ..."

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Hi Confianza, your post went into the moderation queue because it has a link to a non-Mozilla site. It should appear eventually.

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jscher2000 said

Hi Confianza, your post went into the moderation queue because it has a link to a non-Mozilla site. It should appear eventually.

Thank you for that quick explanation. I confess, I was a tad bit surprised when I saw that moderation thingy. I figured you folks were upset at me, which I wouldn't blame you if you were/are.

Yep, thank you.

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