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Login issues to various accounts upon recent Firefox update

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FireFox just updated onto my older Mac computer running OS 10.10.5 to version 78.7.1esr. I now cannot login to at least one of my banking and medicare accounts, but can log into other accounts I have. For the banking account I get this message: "Please try using another internet browser. If you still receive this message, please call the Customer Care Center at 1-800-XXX-XXXX and reference code: 18.67472317.1612970980". For Medicare I get: 'Access Denied You don't have permission to access "http://account.mymedicare.gov/?" on this server. Reference #18.47f86668.1612971914.68502162'. Using Safari I can login to these accounts just fine. Turning off all extensions does not remedy the problem.

I have a another Mac, running OS 10.12.6 and Firefox 82.0.3 and I don't have problems logging into these accounts.

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You can remove all data stored in Firefox for a specific domain via "Forget About This Site" in the right-click context menu of an history entry ("History -> Show All History" or "View -> Sidebar -> History").

Using "Forget About This Site" will remove all data stored in Firefox for this domain like history and cookies and passwords and exceptions and cache, so be cautious. If you have a password or other data for that domain that you do not want to lose then make sure to backup this data or make a note.

You can't recover from this 'forget' unless you have a backup of involved files.

If you revisit a 'forgotten' website then data for that website will be saved once again.

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Thank you for responding. Unfortunately, your suggestion to clear the cache for the site using "Forget about this site", did not work. I get a slightly different error code. For example, the banking account I cannot access, I get: "Please try using another internet browser. If you still receive this message, please call the Customer Care Center at 1-800-xxx-2xxx and reference code: 18.dc60dc17.1613496761.6456544".

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