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Disabling autoplay on ESPN website

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Why is firefox unable to prevent autoplay of bluecove videos on espn?

muted or non muted? doesn't matter. autoplay set in config? doesn't matter. manipulating settings in about:config? works until the next update.

It's seems to me that after each update the developers at espn are actively searching for ways to circumvent your technology. I've visited bluecoves website, including one they have for testing a wide variety of autoplay features and each one functions as expected - their videos do not play.

But go to espn.com and every single video plays continuously and loudly. Note I do not have an espn account and I keep my cache and cookies cleaned out. A website should still respect the settings in my browser.

What gives? What can be done about this? What is going on that espn is one of the few websites that seems to never respect any autoplay denial feature firefox delivers? How does this get fixed? Why when I do a search in the forums about espn there isn't a single search result returned? I type in 'chicken' and 4 hits. espn 0.

Please help

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I'm on there site and nothing auto plays for me. What do you have set here? see screenshot Can you also update your browser to see if that helps?

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Let me also try it in safe mode.

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With my add-ons disabled, nothing auto plays for me. see screenshoot

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