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NEED to disable access to youtube for a school computer

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more options

Please help a single mom with our personal computer in the house hold that is for school work only. It is on windows 7 and we need to COMPLETELY BLOCK/DISABLE ALL access to the youtube website. I can not figure out how (upgrading to the newest windows version is an IMPOSSIBLE option right now unless they've made it free, thanks to the circumstances created by COVID-19). Thank you in advance.

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more options

You've got options, but I don't know which one makes the most sense.

Parental Control Features

Is it a possibility to use Microsoft Family Safety as your control filter? I don't know whether that was offered for Windows 7 or only later versions.

If you use a third party security suite like Norton, that may include some parental control features.

Some of the routers provided by ISPs also have parental control features, but that might affect more than one computer.

Windows hosts file

One method that people sometimes use for blocking sites is an entry in the hosts file. This is a file that preempts normal DNS (website address) lookups. Here's a thread on a different site about this option:


Firefox Policy File

A website filter policy file looks approximately like this (please ignore links, your file will just have the text):

  "policies": {
    "WebsiteFilter": {
      "Block": ["youtube.com", "www.youtube.com", "m.youtube.com", 
                "youtube-nocookie.com", "www.youtube-nocookie.com", 

More info: https://github.com/mozilla/policy-templates#websitefilter

In Firefox, this block show up on the about:policies page. With some searching, a user could figure out how to remove the policy file, so you probably will want to back it up with changes to the hosts file or some other mechanism.

General article on creating the policies.json file: Customizing Firefox Using policies.json

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