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Bookmark toolbar doesn't show every bookmark until I "reset" it with the view menu checkbox (turn it off and on again).

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I first noticed it when I plugged in my new screen for the first time. It's quite a bit larger than my old one, and I think Firefox doesn't really recognize it.

The specific steps I take to fix it temporarily (per session) are as follows:

Press alt to show the menu bar

Select View > Toolbars > Uncheck Bookmarks Toolbar

Same steps again except to check the Bookmarks Toolbar checkbox again. Then everything is normal.

Interestingly it is never the same amount of bookmarks that aren't shown, always differs by 2 or three before it cuts off and shows just empty space.


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Hi, it's possible that if the bookmarks bar is full or almost full, the last one or two are dropping off the end. There is always a space at the end - bookmarks never completely fill the bar before they drop off. See what happens if you edit down one or two of your bookmark titles ( Right click > Properties.)

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