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When saving bookmarks I only want to see the top-level folder list.

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When I want to save a bookmark, I usually go through "choose". It seems to give me folders sometimes only open to the first level, sometimes to second and third levels. This behaviour seems random. I want to see only the top-level folders, it would make saving bookmarks quicker. How to achieve this?

I have attached an image of what I see now under "choose"

I have the latest version of Firefox operating on Windows 10.

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On the page you want to bookmark, do a right-click in an empty area of the page. At the top of the menu, press the Star. Hot key; <Control> (Mac=<Command>) D.

Or, Press the bookmarks Star on the toolbar.

This will place a bookmark in the Unsorted or Other Bookmarks Folder. To edit or move that bookmark, press the Star again.

A window will come up with the name of the page and its web address. You can edit these entries.

Next, select what bookmarks folder you want this bookmark in. If you do not see that folder, go to the far right of the Folder line, and press the down arrow. You can also create a new folder.

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I think if you collapse the folder hierarchy once (click the "twisty" control to the left of each of the top level categories to close it), Firefox should remember that going forward. (However, I generally just let Firefox throw them in Other Bookmarks so I don't open that box very often.)

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