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Bookmark Colours

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more options

I have tried loads of options, ie making a userChrome.css folder, but nothing works.

I have a new laptop with Firefox 84.0.2 installed, but every bookmark is grey. So difficult to look at. Would prefer the old yellow colour.

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more options

Hi jeanlyon, you do need to create a userChrome.css file to modify the colors of bookmark icons.

Could you review the steps in my article to make sure everything is in the right place, with just the right names and file extensions. I've also got videos in case the text doesn't seem to track with what you see.


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more options

Nope, it doesn't do anything at all.

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more options

Are you using my rules from here:


When you save the file, you can remove the part starting with the hyphen, so:

Original file name: userChrome-color_bookmark_folders.css

Final file name: userChrome.css

If you can't rename while saving (Firefox is set to just save to Downloads automatically), then after saving:

  • click the Downloads arrow on the toolbar, and click the folder icon next to the download
  • right-click the file > Rename

Does that work any better than your current userChrome.css file (after you move it to the chrome folder, of course)?

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more options

No, I have copied so many different bits to the text file, I don't know which one is which.

Some of my bookmarks do have different Icons, but the folders are still grey.

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more options

Okay, I think there are two things you could try:

(1) Share the contents of your existing userChrome.css file on a site like


(After saving the paste, you'll get a link you can share here. Please expect there to be a delay in when your reply appears if you post a non-Mozilla link.)

Then we can see whether we spot any problems with it.

(2) Set aside your existing userChrome.css file (right-click > Rename userChromeOLD.css) and try the downloaded one as a test

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