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Infinite Security Alert loop on Firefox browser for https site using SSL Certificate

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Hi There,

I'm hoping someone can help me on this I have exhausted several options so far.

I am trying to access a https site using an SSL Certificate (Specifically Chain of Trust with a root, intermediate and server certificate) on Firefox, however whenever I attempt to visit the site a recurring Security Alert pop up continues to appear with the message: "A secure connection with site cannot be verified. Would you still like to proceed?" . The certificate isn't signed which is the reason for the popup.

I use the website frequently on other browsers and subsequently press yes and continue to the site, but on Firefox the same Security Alert pop continues to appear regardless of the number of times I accept it.The issue is specifically related to Firefox as I can accept the certificate on Chrome, IE and Edge and not face the same issue.

I have tried multiple options to circumvent the issue, including adding the CA's into my Trusted Root Certification Authorities on my Windows (and setting security.enterprise_roots.enabled to true), and manually importing the certificates into Firefox under the Authorities section of the Options menu, clearing cache and cookies and restarting browser/machine. I have added the hostname of the site to the hosts file, and even as a test temporarily disabled SCL validation to see if this would prevent it. However in all cases the security popup continues to reappear, in an infinite loop.

Does anyone know of any alternative ways that will allow me to proceed to the website, or circumvent the Security Alert loop problem? Any help would be appreciated.


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Thanks Fred, I will see if third party anti virus software is enabled on the machine, and whether it is the root cause and let you know. Appreciate the response

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