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How do I make the Address bar dropdown usable again?

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Prior to the release of update 78 I used to be able to click on the address bar and it would bring up my top 20 or so site. I don't know why, but this extremely easy to use and accessible feature was removed. We are now on update 83 and the problem has only gotten worse. I've attached 2 pics in an attempt to showcase this tragedy that Firefox has created. I don't understand why I'm limited to the number of sites in the dropdown. Worse yet, only 1 of my most frequent sites are listed in the 6 sites I can choose from.

If you're attempted to make things easier for me, you've utterly failed... miserably! Also, not only am I limited to sites I DON'T use, I now have "Sponsored" web sites. GET OUT OF HERE WITH THIS NONSENSE! I now have 8 site to choose from, 1 of which I use. Remember, I use up to 20 web sites per shift so Firefox showing me 7 I don't use is extremely time consuming and frustrating. If only I could pick from my top 20 sites, like I could since I started using Firefox more than 15 years ago, then perhaps 2 "Sponsored" sites at the bottom of my list wouldn't be such a bad thing. Remember the good ole days when Firefox was customizable.

I understand that SPACEBAR is now the way for me to view my most frequent websites and that is a longer list and more accurate that the initial dropdown. Why do I have to click spacebar? This is unnecessary. Is there a way to make this spacebar view the default dropdown view when I click on the address bar?

Lastly, since, update 78 I have made several attempts to remove the "Search with..." at the top of the address bar. Can someone please come up with a viable option for me to move this redundant feature? The address bar itself can perform searches. I have the default search bar clipped into my browser. That's 2 places I can search... I don't need a 3rd search option in a dropdown that already takes me to where I want to go.

I swear, it's like no one over at Firefox even cares about the users anymore they just keep making changes that limit options and give us no recourse to correct their "fixes" that break my experience and productivity.

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