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can't logout from a site

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Hi, With Firefox 81.0.2 64-bit running on Windows 7, I can't logout from my account on a very specific site. If I delete the 2 cookies the site wrote on my computer, I'm then presented with the logon window and I'm able to login again but not logout until I delete the 2 fresh cookies the site just put on my computer during the new session. Should I log under a private window, nothing being written to my computer, log out is always possible. I'm also able to log out from my current session with an older version of firefox (50.1.0). This also close the session opened under Firefox 81. At the moment, only one site is behaving like this. I first asked the support of this site. Here's its reply: <<That is an interesting problem you have there! It might be that your session wasn't properly removed from our server but I know that we restarted our webserver 3 days ago, so that should have resolved itself if that was the problem. I don't have any other suggestions, but if a private window works, this suggests an issue with your cookie management of the browser.>>

Please may you help ? TIA

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