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Inconsistent HTTPS

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I have a website with SSL. When I open it by simply www.sitename, FF automatically uses https and extends this to all sub-pages. When I open sub-pages directly, i.e. www.sitename/pagename, FF uses http and shows the insecure icon. If I open sub-pages with https://sitename/pagename, FF shows them as secure. Chrome and Edge automatically use https for sub-pages opened directly by www.sitename/pagename. Why is FF inconsistent in this way?

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Is the http:// protocol present in the source code for links if you check this via "View Page Source" in case you previously used http: on your web pages ?

You either need to use the https:// protocol or leave out https: and only keep the leading '//'.

  • //support.mozilla.org/en-US/questions/1305962

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Thank you cor-el for your reply but it does not directly address the problem, which is not related to a link to the page. To be more precise, if I simply type ixont.com/portfolio in the address field, FF shows the page as http and insecure while both Chrome and Edge use https and show the page as secure.

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The first time I requested

www.ixont.com/portfolio (insecure)

the server sent a 301 redirect to

https://www.ixont.com/portfolio (secure)

But then every other request, I did not get that. So strange.

Neither Chrome nor old Edge redirected to HTTPS when I tested those after Firefox. Not sure what is going on.

How is the redirect set up?

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To jscher2000, thank you for checking that. I don't know how redirect is set up. My ISP, iPage, has done that for me. I do have a little more information. I have FF 83.0 (64-bit) on an Ubuntu-Mate 18.04 and the same version on Windows 10. The problem occurs only in Windows. In Linux the redirect is HTTPS.

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