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Cannot clear an item from my search history, so it gets suggested even after clearing my data

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Once upon a time when trying to create a blank tab, I accidentally typed "about:blank/" and this command doesn't work if the backslash is there.

Now anytime I want to create a blank tab and I type "about:blank" it automatically includes the backslash.

Because this phrase/command doesn't show up in my search history, even after clearing all of my data, Firefox keeps "helpfully" popping that backslash into the field whenever I start to type the command.

How can I make Firefox forget I ever made this stupid typo?! (Would clearing "Site Preferences" and/or "Offline Web Site Data" work? I admit I haven't cleared those two things.)

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Does this item show as a suggestion in the location bar drop-down list, so you can use "Shift+Delete" ?

You can possibly temporarily set browser.urlbar.autoFill = false tp prevent Firefox autofilling the wrong value.

I tested this in a new profile and can't replicate this with the current release. The 'about:blank/' entry isn't stored either in places.sqlite., so you may have done this with a very old Firefox version that supported the 'typed' property for an entry.

You can possibly rename/remove places.sqlite to let Firefox create a new database. Note that you lose all history, but Firefox should rebuild the history from a JSON backup.

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Thanks for your reply! Sadly the item is not in the drop-down menu.

It's likely I may have done it with an older version of Firefox, but my computer is only a year and a half old, so I'm not sure if whatever version I was using then would now qualify as "very old."

I recently created a new profile, though, and found that I don't get that suggestion in the profile--so it seems that the suggestion is tied to this profile and creating a new one would certainly fix the problem.

If for some reason that does not work then I will give your suggestion a try! Thanks again.

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Removing places.sqlite and letting Firefox create a new database should quite likely fix this issue in the old profile. If you use Sync then best is to disconnect Sync temporarily during troubleshooting.


You can use the button on the "Help -> Troubleshooting Information" (about:support) page to go to the current Firefox profile folder or use the about:profiles page.

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