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Does MS Update (Edge) (KB45569309) Pour mollasses over FF ??

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I have a brand spanking new system with Win 10 installed on SSD. I've been using it for about a month and it works great. MS updated edge over night (SURPRISE) and now Firefox has been slowed down considerably. For example. Facebook loads OK, but as I scroll down, the "Like", "Read More" , "Comment" links don't work for a bit. On this site trying to bring focus on this text area is laggy. Not like before update.

They seem to show up after a while, but it seems like every site is somehow s-lo-w-e-d since this 'update'. I re booted and also ran the 'quick fix" option but stuff is still slow.

Of course the update can NOT be rolled back. Do y'all imagine this is intentional or just my imagination?

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g_papadopolis said

.... Do y'all imagine this is intentional or just my imagination?

Inadvertent on Edge / Microsoft's part, IMO. But something that the Mozilla developers will need to fix, once they are made aware of that problem! Chances are that a "chemspill" minor update is needed, OR may need to wait for the next new full Firefox version update (in 4 week cycles for the full version update.

File a Mozilla Bugzilla report or search Bugzilla to help fix the issue if a report like has already been filed.


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Hello   g_papadopolis,

Seems like the update has slowed down your computer, and not just Firefox ......

See :


And :


And there is way more about this issue in   these search results ....

This article may interest you (especially when you scroll down to the part about Firefox) :


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