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Cannot send out on one of three accounts

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I can receive on all three accounts we have, but can only send out on two. All three have identical settings, and the port and smtp settings are identical and conform to the Medicom requirements. The failing account was then deleted entirely and recreated from scratch. Mediacom normally uses port 465 but also allows port 587. I mention this because the error message with Port 465 states "Login to server smtp.medicombb.net with user name ********@mchsi.com failed" whereas, when using Port 587 the message is "Connection to outgoing server smtp.mediacombb.net was lost in the middle of the message". All three accounts can be accessed and operated at the mediacom website, and all three passwords and account names have been verified on TB. Mediacom states the settings for POP3 as Incoming: mail.mediacombb.net SSL/TLS port 995

                                                                   Outgoing: smtp.mediacombb.net  SSL/TLS  port 467 (or 587)

Those settings have been used and verified. I would be very grateful for any assistance with this problem, as we are now at the point where Medicom says everything points to TB, but given the other two fully functional accounts, this is not obvious to me. Many thanks.

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I wonder if this is yet another anti virus caused mess. There appears to be a lot of it going around. Try disabling scanning of encrypted connection in your anti virus product.

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Matt, many thanks for the help. This crazy and illogical situation changed when my wife gave the problem account another 'send' shot. All of a sudden the message went out. Today we received a message from Medicom support stating that some customers had experienced similar problems and the thought was that it had something to do with the latest Windows 10 update. Of course, this doesn't address the issue of two out of three accounts having their password scrambled, which prevented us from doing anything at all with the accounts, until the PWs were reset. Mediacom suggested that, whereas the account name did not need to include the domain, that I should change the name to include it. I experimented with port 587 - to no avail, except that I got a different error message. Mediacom suggested not using 587 and return to 465, which I had already done. Finally, they suggested changing the outgoing server name from 'smtp...' to mail..." (which makes incoming and outgoing servers have the same name). This all made no change to the account, which had already decided 'for itself' to start working again, and the other two accounts have not been altered, and still work. I have no way now of proving or disproving your suggestions, of course, but I appreciate you taking the time to make them :) Thanks!

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