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Updates are deactivated by system administrator

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Have updated to FF 79 yesterday on a private computer (with admin privileges on my user).

Ever since, the browser options changed specifically:

1) In Help > About I cannot trigger an update anymore as the button is replaced by the message "Updates are deactivated by system administrator"

2) In Settings it reads "The browser is administrated by your organization".

Never seen this.

On another computer with the same antivirus software FF updated to 79, no trouble. On yet another machine with Win Defender only also no trouble after update.

Malware & antivirus scans both come up empty. Removed and re-installed FF already to no avail.

On the troubled machine some big Win Update is not yet made available by Microsoft...

Somebody knows what is going on?

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Update: killed the DisableAppUpdate entry in the registry - and it unscrewed the situation.

How can this entry/ policy slip in uninvited?

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Hi jam.shaheen

The only thing I can think of is malware.

Please see:


for some tips.



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Hi Roland,

thx for reply!

Nope, all scans consistently come up clean. Cannot observe the typical obnoxious effects of malware either. Must be sth else - or a really nasty one...

What's to gain by "blocking" update behavior of FF once and nothing else?

Does FF deploy according to some scheme? Is my computer a lab rat and got sth buggy? On the other hand some system updates were going on in the background, maybe interference?

Known issues that an antivirus program grabs and locks things around FF?

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What security software do you have ?

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Hey cor-el,

a couple by now... =)

Originally I ran Avira Antivir (premium version, not free version).

I am aware that Avast seems to cause some trouble with FF occasionally.


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On the other machine it's exactly the same reg antivirus, but as I said no trouble.

I noticed that on the other machine TB stops updating at version 68 - whereas the troubled computer also updated to TB 78.

Are Mozilla rolling out software unequally like Microsoft, according to some scheme?

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Hi, this or similar, is often caused by Avast > Core shields > Web shield tab, not having deselected entries 'https scanning' and 'QUIC/http3.' First deselect both entries in Avast, then open regedit by entering it into your PCs search box. Next, navigate through 'HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Policies\Mozilla\Firefox\Certificates' then - if it's there, select and right click > Delete 'ImportEnterpriseRoots.'

You should only use use one AV since they can interfere with each other.

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Some AV do their own browser update, so maybe they disabled it? I'm at a loss honestly.

Flipping this policy requires admin privileges on the machine, so it had to have been done with some user interaction.

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