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Unable to Login

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I am unable to login to firefox accounts .

I have the correct Email and Password, but it keeps asking me for the conformation code sent to the email for login, but i dont have access to the Email as the password is saved in sync server.

I mean the Lockwise Sync server. No i don't have any device currently logged in to Sync. I recently Formatted my PC, So all files for password manager were lost(I synced the logins to the server before formatting my pc hoping that the Login id and Password for the Accounts would be enough to retrieve them ) and am trying to retrieve the logins.

No luck with the login links i can login but cannot change anything in the settings, it says :

" NOTE: Before you can view or make changes to this section, you will need to verify your email address. "

So any way i try it is asking for the conformation code sent to my Email address Whose password is stuck in my sync server.

So its like

can't access the sync server -------because------- can't access my email for code------because--------can't access my firefox lockwise -------because-------can't access sync server

Need Help ASAP Please.

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You cannot access your Firefox Account without access to your email account. You are responsible for being able to access your email.

Fortunately, if you don't know your email account password, almost all email providers have a way to reset the password or recover your account.

Hope this helps.