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Is there a way to save a session to load later? (Mac OS)

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I'm looking for a way to save a current session to restart later.

The only thing close I've seen is the "Restore Previous Session" option from the History menu. This won't work here, because what I'm hoping to do is close the windows/tabs from a session and start a different session, after which I can load the first session back.

If this isn't possible, then is there a way to combine all my windows into tabs of one window? I would only have to use the "Bookmark All Tabs" option once if I did that.

I know about dragging each tab into one window individually, but I often have more than a few tabs open in each window, so I'm hoping for some automated "Combine" function I could use.

If neither of these are possible, I'll just continue to use the "Bookmark All Tabs" option for each individual window I have open at the time... I'm just hoping for a faster or more efficient way.

Note: I use the Mac OS version of Firefox.

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1. You can "Bookmark All Tabs" via the Context menu in an open tab. 2. You can use the Session Manager extension to save multiple sessions.


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If you plan to go back to work on those tabs soon, what you could do is:
Drop the current Firefox windows(s) to the taskbar. Then open a new Firefox window.


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